100% Sustainable by 2025

We are committed to supporting transparent and ethical practices for coffee-growing communities and the environment right from the crop to the cup.

We understand that businesses want and need to be more ethical. Sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy since 2006 with our ultimate goal to become a 100% sustainable business by 2025.

Our sustainable and CSR concept covers:

Economical sustainability – good standard of living for farmers and their families.

Environmental sustainability – safeguarding cultivation methods and tools to adapt to climate change.

Social sustainability – supporting the development of stable local social structures through, for example, educational programmes.

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Social projects at origin…

We have developed meaningful, long-term relationships with our farmers and coffee cooperatives. This enables us to continue to source the best coffee, as well as address the needs of our stakeholders, encourage best practice, knowledge sharing and advocate transparency. We are founder members of 4C Association, increasing sustainability within the coffee sector.

  • Together with the Coffee Care Association, we have been active in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, where during the harvest season, we operate day-care centres and offer vocational seminars for youths.
  • In Tanzania, we worked to improve the quality of education at primary schools to encourage more pupils to finish school. This enabled children at 16 project schools to regularly attend and complete primary school.
  • In Peru, farmers are invited to the office to learn how to cup so they can understand what qualities the cuppers are looking for in their coffee.
  • Also in Peru, a school is opening in August so that farmers can bring their families whilst they are harvesting the coffee. The school will start with 40 children but has a maximum capacity for 1,007.

Partnering with Save the Children

Projects funded by Tchibo are implemented by Save the Children’s respective country offices and include projects in Tanzania and Guatemala. By merging Save the Children’s expertise, working in 120 countries, with Tchibo’s sustainability approach, we hope to improve the living conditions of children in coffee growing regions as well as combat harmful child labour and improve long-term professional prospects through education.

save the children

In Guatemala, we promote childcare for workers and pickers. The children’s school holidays often overlap with coffee harvesting season. Since there is little childcare available, many workers and harvest helpers take their children with them to the coffee fields. While the younger children play on the steep and dangerous slopes, the parents often let the older ones help them pick. We create alternatives by promoting educational projects and childcare options in various regions of Guatemala.

Many children in Tanzania leave school at just 13-15 years old without being able to read and write properly, and without having earned a graduation certificate.Together with Save the Children, Tchibo set out to improve their educational opportunities.

By the end of the project in December 2017, we were able to directly reach 3,965 children, 525 teens, 59 teachers, as well as 1,859 parents and 548 women.

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Tchibo Joint Forces!®qualification programme

Set up in 2012, the Tchibo Joint Forces!® qualification programme is dedicated to the coffee farmers in our supply chains. We support them in sustainable coffee farming through various measures tailored to them. This includes training, educational offers for the whole family, access to infrastructure, and the establishment of long-term supplier relationships. In Tchibo Joint Forces!®, we enable them to receive additional validation or certification to meet standard requirements, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, 4C Association. Through our five modules we educate them how to increase productivity, profitability and improve product quality.

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