Coffee for hotels

Tchibo provide the highest quality coffee service to exceed your guests expectations

What Tchibo can do for your hotel:

  • Supply of the highest quality coffee products and coffee equipment
  • Professional account management and support at all levels
  • Continual training, development and servicing
  • Fresh new evolving beverage packages


We understand the operational challenges hotels face and we recognise that flexibility in our offer is the key to a success partnership.


We are on hand to help you make key improvements to your beverage offer to ensure you have a streamlined and consistent coffee and equipment offer throughout your hotel.


When you partner with Tchibo we do everything we can to assist you to increase your beverage sales and to develop your coffee offer.

Branding perfect for hotel partners


We have brands designed to create an authentic Italian atmosphere or a more sophisticated experience.

We also have our own in-house design and marketing teams that can provide a range of design and communication support; point of sale creation to seasonal promotions.

Davidoff Cafe

Steal sophisticated guests away to a world of enjoyment. Davidoff Café is far more than just serving a coffee. Its aroma and flavour celebrate the moment as a sensual experience. Anyone enjoying Davidoff Café will always remember it – and where they enjoyed the experience.

Piacetto Espresso

Combining centuries of Italian coffee culture with a passion for the ultimate taste sensation. Piacetto Espresso is sustainably grown coffee and we have teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, who are committed to environmentally and socially ethical coffee-growing methods.

What our partners are saying..


“Tchibo is a good fit for Hilton, as they are able promote their Piacetto Coffee brand in a number of ways across the various needs of the hotel.

Not only is the quality of the products and the range of the offer excellent, but Tchibo also showed the flexibility to adjust to our specific requirements and a real passion to deliver an end result that both parties could be proud of.

Our coffee partnership is going from strength to strength and our profits have increased by 40%.”

Paul Michael
General Manager of Hilton’s

Hotel Coffee Machines

We understand your business and whether it be front of house, back of house, in-room or a coffee conferencing offer for your day delegates, Tchibo has a coffee solution for your hotel.