Coffee to go: a self-serve coffee service for your business

Tchibo Coffee Service are proud to partner over 1,000 UK forecourts and convenience stores with our Tchibo To Go and Smokin’ Bean branded self-serve coffee systems.

Our premium 100% Arabica coffee, flexible coffee payment plans, coffee machine telemetry and exclusive systems have supported retailers and helped maximise their revenue and profit in this area – and with our coffee to go marketing as part of the plan, we can help you attract custom right from the start.


  • Offer up to 16 speciality hot beverages in regular and large size – including favourites such as cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, delicious hot chocolate and teas
  • Choose between fresh milk or cappuccino topping for your self-serve coffee options
  • Competitive retail pricing per cup for your customer
  • Profit Share payment plan available with up to 60% profit. Find out how much profit you could make with our profit share calculator
  • No upfront investment

Our Partners:

  • Londis
  • Budgens
  • Costcutter
  • NISA

What’s the profit potential of a self-serve coffee to go machine?

Our Coffee To Go machines are offered on a profit share payment basis. There’s nothing to pay up front and no installation fee. As long as you serve 10 cups a day or more, you can keep the machine as long as you like.

Enquire today and one of our Account Managers will visit your store for a free consultation, and to work out how much profit you could be making with a Tchibo Premio Coffee To Go solution.

*Profit share RRP set at £2.10 for a regular and £2.40 for a large cup

Coffee to go in your business

Our self-serve coffee to go system is called the Premio and measures 900mm wide x 700mm (depth), with a height of 1972mm. For a minimal footprint, the Slim line version of the Premio measures just 600mm wide x 700mm and can return the greatest of profits for your business.

Why choose a Tchibo Premio machine?

  • The perfect way to grow your revenue
    Increase sales and footfall by offering your customers something new.
  • No upfront costs
    Your Tchibo Premio machine will be delivered and installed completely free.

Why choose Tchibo To Go for your business?

Great coffee taste

We provide premium quality 100% Arabica whole bean coffee. It’s ground in the bean to cup coffee machine within the unit to produce speciality coffees – including favourites such as cappuccinos and lattes. Our beans are sourced from South and Central America, and provide a full-bodied, aromatic blend with delicate caramel notes. These beans are noted for being especially fine and provide an enticing cup of coffee even without the expert hand of a Barista.

Self-serve coffee machines

Our free standing self-serve coffee systems include a bean to cup coffee machine. It’s easy to maintain and monitored by our innovative telemetry to report on cups sold, peak sales periods and the maintenance performance to make sure you get the most out of your machine.

Coffee machine service and customer support you can rely on

We are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to serve your customers excellent coffee, every day. Let our service and customer support teams take care of your machine while you get on with running your business.

Free marketing support for your coffee to go solution

As well as helping you serve great coffee to go we will assist you with marketing your coffee inside and outside your store.

We have a wide range of point of sale items from large outdoor display cups, pavement signs, dibond posters and coffee loyalty cards. With coffee to go you can build a loyal customer base and capture the impulse purchase customers too.

Find out more by talking to our helpful support team.

What our coffee to go partners are saying

Tchibo offer great brand support, they work with us to produce bespoke materials when needed. Their staff members are knowledgeable on the industry making it an easier partnership to work with. On top of that, our customers love the quality and the price of their hot beverages.

Scott Graham
Owner, McLeishes (Aberdeen)

smokin bean coffee

Smokin’ Bean

As well as the Tchibo to Go Premio, we are also proud to offer our new coffee to go brand Smokin’ Bean. Smokin’ Bean is a premium, self-serve café destination with an artisan coffee shop look and feel..
Smokin’ Bean has a fresh and contemporary design with exposed brickwork, Edision light bulbs, chalk boards and rustic style wood. Our modular units offer a unique solution to any retailer looking to upgrade their coffee to go offer.