Whole Bean Coffee

Our whole bean coffee is as fresh and full flavoured as it looks! Whole bean coffee is coffee in its absolute prime that is ready to be ground to create an impeccable cup.

We recommend keeping the coffee as fresh as possible by not grinding the beans until just before brewing.

Filter Coffee

Filter coffee, also known as drip or brewed coffee, has seen a popular revival in recent years as the quality of coffee and its filter process has increased drastically.

The method of filter coffee involves pouring water over the roasted coffee grounds. The water absorbs the coffee’s oils and essences and brings it through the filter to create a fresh full flavoured coffee.

Filter coffee is a speedy and simple solution for coffee lovers. If you don’t have time to make a more complex coffee then Tchibo’s wide range of filter coffee may be the answer for you.

Coffee Capsules

There is an ever increasing demand for high quality coffee, however not everyone has the time to brew a fresh coffee from scratch. The capsule machine trend has therefore increased in favourability as coffee drinkers want to find a quick and easy solution to get their perfect cup of coffee.

The hardest part of using a capsule machine is picking which one you want! You then simply place the capsule into the machine. It’s a perfect solution for time pressured environments.

Capsule machines are easy and simple to operate and take up less of your time. You don’t need any coffee making skills – all you need to do is pick one of our delectable coffees from our diverse range of coffee capsules.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee has been widely used for many years due to its convenience and quick preparation time. One of the main advantages of instant coffee is that it allows the consumer to make the coffee without having to use any equipment; all you need is a mug, a spoon and of course hot water.

The speed of using instant coffee means that you don’t have to wait around for the coffee to brew. The coffee particles will dissolve instantly in hot water making it an ideal solution for fast paced consumers.


Tea in the United Kingdom is a necessity in every home with so many different tea products to choose from so its no wonder that it’s something that nearly everyone enjoys every day.

Tea, being the second most consumed drink worldwide, is made from dried leaves off of tea plants. The carefully plucked tea leaves are left to wilt and then fixated to stop the tea leaf oxidation at the desired level. The tea leaves are then rolled and shaped and left to dry before placing into tea bags and boxed off for selling on to consumers.

Here at Tchibo we are confident that with our range of teas we can find the perfect product for you. Whether it’s a punchy fruit tea or a mellow and calming camomile, all of our teas are a speciality within its category so you really won’t find a better selection of refreshing teas.

Hot Chocolate

The sweet and creamy taste of hot chocolate has made it inevitably a beverage favourite for possibly thousands of years. Hot chocolate is a delicious, comforting and calming drink that can soothe all the senses.

Also known as hot cocoa, hot chocolate is made from harvested cocoa beans which are roasted, grounded and then tempered.

Our variety of hot chocolate products provide different taste profiles and intensities so you can have your pick of the bunch to ensure you get the hot chocolate that suits you best.

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