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Bio: Tchibo is one of the largest coffee roasters in the world. We provide top quality coffee, coffee machines and service to companies all over the UK. We’re a family run company founded in 1949 in Germany. Max Herz, a merchant from Hamburg and his business partner Carl Tchilling had the idea to sell roasted coffee to customers by mail – this was how Tchibo was born.

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The Tchibo Level of Service: All the support you need!

Coffee is important to you. It’s important to your colleagues and your customers. You’ve got to the point where it’s time to look at a coffee provider for your business, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here's how Tchibo Coffee Service can provide for your business to keep you well stocked … Continued

From crop to cup: How much do you know about how coffee is made?

We are very used to seeing coffee beans, coffee grounds and granulated coffee almost on a daily basis, but we don’t all necessarily know how our beloved beans came to be the rich, aromatic specimen before us. So pour yourself a cup of the good stuff and settle in as we explain how your coffee … Continued

Welcome to the Tchibo Coffee UK Blog!

The world of coffee can be daunting to industry newcomers and you soon learn that producing the perfect cup is a science and an art. Even coffee veterans need to keep on top of the latest news, trends and developments. That’s why we’re here with the all-new Tchibo Coffee Service UK blog, ready to provide … Continued