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Bio: Tchibo is one of the largest coffee roasters in the world. We provide top quality coffee, coffee machines and service to companies all over the UK. We’re a family run company founded in 1949 in Germany. Max Herz, a merchant from Hamburg and his business partner Carl Tchilling had the idea to sell roasted coffee to customers by mail – this was how Tchibo was born.

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4 benefits of drinking coffee before a gym workout

It's January and a lot of us are on a health kick after an indulgent Christmas. If you’re a gym bunny, you’ve probably heard that having caffeine before hitting the gym has been shown to be beneficial. But what are the reasons behind this? We've looked into four ways that coffee could improve your workout … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions for your Office in 2020

Have you thought about your own New Year’s Resolution yet? Eating less chocolate or cutting down on the wine might not take too much preparation, but if you’re intending to improve the workplace for your employees, now is the time to start planning! Here are some ideas on how you can improve your office in … Continued

How Tchibo Coffee Service offered a full coffee service partnership to Massarella Catering Group

From one family owned business to another Massarella Catering Group is a family owned business with a rich heritage. 150 years ago Giovanni Massarella and his brothers decided to leave Italy and search for a better life for their family in the UK. The brothers founded a successful catering business that is still in operation … Continued

How hosting a barista competition can improve the coffee you serve to your guests

As coffee is so important to today’s consumer, we all want to make sure we are serving the best. Aside from choosing top-quality coffee, machines and training great baristas, one of the best ways to ensure an excellent serve is to inspire your barista’s enthusiasm for what they do. A genuine passion for coffee speaks … Continued

Reasons retailers should consider offering a water refill station in-store

Everyone who’s anyone is carrying a reusable water bottle these days. And it’s not just a fashion accessory. In 2016, 20,000 disposable plastic bottles were sold every second1, and the majority were not destined for recycling. As news spread about the vast amount of plastic ending up in landfill, the general public demanded a more … Continued

National Cocktail Week: 5 cocktail ideas to wow your hotel guests!

This week is National Cocktail Week so what better time to add some new and exciting cocktail recipes to your drinks menu ahead of the festive season. We’ve got several recipes to try that will hit the spot with any discerning coffee and cocktail lover, all made using cocktail staples and ingredients from our Espresso … Continued

15 Surprising Facts About Coffee to Celebrate International Coffee Day!

1st October is International Coffee Day so at Tchibo Coffee Service we are celebrating all things great about our beloved hot drink! To mark the occasion, we thought we would share some facts you possibly didn’t know about your favourite pick-me-up… 1. The chemical name for caffeine is Trimethylxanthine. 2. Coffee is grown in an … Continued

Spice up your drinks menu for Autumn/Winter!

We’ve enjoyed a relatively late bout of sunshine this September but make no mistake that the dark nights are drawing ever closer. What better way to get your business prepped for cold weather than to introduce a new drinks menu full of autumnal and wintry treats! To coincide with the launch of our new Espresso … Continued

5 tasty coffee recipes for your Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning cake sale!

With just over a week to go until Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning, we’re busy planning what we’re going to bake and sell! Have you decided yet? If you need a little inspiration, here are some recipes from our team – and they all use coffee or products from our Espresso Warehouse range. Why not give … Continued

Fundraising for Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning in Universities

Here at Tchibo Coffee Service, we love to get involved in charitable initiatives and we regularly participate in fundraising for various good causes. As coffee lovers, Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning is something close to our hearts as we think we can make a difference with our coffee! We have loads of things planned for the … Continued