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Bio: Tchibo is one of the largest coffee roasters in the world. We provide top quality coffee, coffee machines and service to companies all over the UK. We’re a family run company founded in 1949 in Germany. Max Herz, a merchant from Hamburg and his business partner Carl Tchilling had the idea to sell roasted coffee to customers by mail – this was how Tchibo was born.

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How to clean the Carimali Solar Touch – a reference guide

One of Tchibo Coffee Service’s most popular machines is the Carimali SolarTouch. It’s the ultimate completely automatic bean-to-cup machine with a touch screen display. To keep yours in tip-top condition, and to ensure you are providing the absolute best coffee, it’s vital that the machine is cleaned every day without fail. And it’s super easy! … Continued

A Day in the Life of… a Tchibo National Coffee Trainer

At Tchibo Coffee Service we pride ourselves on our excellent coffee knowledge. That’s why we have a team of Coffee Trainers who are dedicated to passing on their expertise to our customers. This means that your teams know how to prepare coffees to the highest quality and how to look after your coffee machine to … Continued

Beginner Baristas! How to steam milk correctly

When it comes to creating the best latte or cappuccino, the way the milk is steamed and frothed is vital. It can take time and practice to perfect this skill, so following on from our ‘What are the most common coffees made up of?’ blog, we thought we’d provide a reference guide explaining exactly how … Continued

A Day in the Life of… a Tchibo National Account Manager

Here at Tchibo Coffee Service we have approximately ten National Account Managers (NAMs), based nationwide who manage relationships between our business and yours. NAMs look after large organisations in the hotel, leisure, education and contract catering sectors. In this blog, we’ll go through what it’s like being a NAM by experiencing one day in their … Continued

How to maximise the life of your office coffee machine

Has the taste of your coffee changed? Do you find that your office coffee machine isn’t making those great quality drinks you know and love? After sitting down with our technical experts, we’ve compiled some handy information about how to maximise the life of your coffee machine, from regular cleaning advice to general no-no’s.   … Continued

Vegware disposable coffee cups: Become part of the plants-not-plastic revolution

We all want to do our best to try to help the environment. The UK’s millennials, quite rightly, value sustainable packaging and produce, so you want to be meeting this demand in your college or university. One of the most prevalent issues right now, is the vast amount of waste polluting our planet, but what … Continued

How PriceWatch Local became an award winning service station with Smokin’ Bean

Established for nearly 20 years, PriceWatch Local is an independent, family run business operating a group of 12 service stations with convenience stores and off licences in the South East. Newmarket Service Station is one of PriceWatch’s newer stores, having been in operation for around a year. Keen to offer something new, exciting and with a … Continued

5 reasons to complement the coffee experience in your hotel… with tea!

You were probably not expecting this blog. We’re usually (quite rightly) discussing the excellence of the espresso, the quality of the cappuccino or the loveliness of the latte but today we’re talking… tea! Despite the recent revelation that more Brits prefer coffee to tea1, we’re still a nation of tea lovers. We’re renowned the world … Continued

Beginner Baristas! What are the most common coffees made up of?

We know that in your hotel business you often find yourself in a situation where you need to train new team members. Tchibo Coffee Service offer full training to all your new baristas from our SCA qualified trainers, but for those that are very new to coffee, it can seem like there is a lot … Continued

A Day in the Life of… a Tchibo Coffee-To-Go National Account Manager

Tchibo Coffee Service’s Coffee-to-go (C2G) sector supplies self-serve coffee machines to over 1000 forecourts and convenience stores across the UK. Coffee on the go is more important than ever, as over 80% people drink coffee outside of the home. There is also an increased expectation for high quality coffee so all our self-serve machines are … Continued